About us

We are creating an ecosystem in which a user will be able to get the ebook at the price chosen by him/her.

The whole idea came to us when our Founder Chandra Shukla was working under Prof MS Krishnan.

While growing up in the developing world, finances were always a constraint for Chandra and this prevented him from quenching his thirst for knowledge as much as he wanted to. This always inspired him to come up with something that can empower people to access the quality books at an affordable price.

The eureka moment came when Chandra was working on his research project with Prof Krishnan. During brainstorming with Prof Krishnan about his book The New Age of Innovation, in which he talks about personalization of product and services, Chandra formulated a business model for the personalization in the pricing and filed a patent for the same.

This venture is the actual implementation of the price personalization concept.

In addition to a business, this is also a social service. There is a large number of people who are not having an access to quality content due to the high cost of the same. This will remove all the barriers of money and thus will make the world a place where quality knowledge is accessible to all.

The entire project is likely to impact the lives of billions of people across the globe and create the business value of trillions of dollars.